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Taster Day ~ Special Lunch Menu ~ MUFTI Day ~ Team Colours

This event will take place between 11:30am and 1:00pm on 01/05/2020.

*Taster Day *Grand Opening of the new Lunch Hall *Special Lunch *Mufti

If your child normally has a packed lunch, they will have an opportunity to try a cooked school meal at a cost of £2.30 (If they are entitled to free school meals, the taster meal will be free but please let us know via email –   if they’d like to take this up).  As we have a minimum of £10 payment online please could payments be in cash in a named envelope.

Also, we will be announcing the winner of the Name our Lunch Hall Competition.  If you have a fantastic idea for what to call the lunch hall (we have had several already!), please email by Wednesday 16th January.   The winner will be getting a free meal on that day.

In celebration children will be allowed to wear team mufti.  This should consist of a t-shirt or jumper in their team colour along with the rest of their uniform - KS2 need not wear their ties.