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Maths at Thorpe

Maths at school

Maths is taught every day at Thorpe. Teaching is very practical with a focus on mental calculations and children are encouraged to discuss their work with a talk partner and the teacher.

Problem Solving

We aim to help the children to develop a range of strategies so that they can solve any given problem in the most efficient way.


Each lesson begins with a mental starter which may be counting on or back from different starting points, quick recall of doubles or halves of numbers, adding 1 more, 1 less. We encourage the children to learn number bonds and tables by heart and use these known facts to solve other problems.

During every session we reinforce the different language used so that the children become familiar with it and are confident using it.

Application to every day life

We try to help the children see the applications of the numeracy they are learning in everyday life and thus see Numeracy as an interesting and useful subject.

Numeracy work is recorded, but most of it is not formal. We encourage them to write down jottings and diagrams to show how they solved a problem.

We use a range of resources, number lines, 100 square, diennes, arrow cards and ICT to help with this practical approach.

Maths at home

Home learning is in the form of maths games. Every child is given a game to play for a week and then the game is changed. How you and your child enjoyed the game is recorded in the school link book.

Mandy Ambridge
Maths Subject Leader