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    School meals are available every day, cooked freshly in our on site school kitchen by Team Twelve Fifteen (formerly Surrey Commercial Services).  They provide a salad bar and fresh bread baked every day. These are provided free of charge to our Infants (Year R, 1 and 2) under the Government Universal Free School Meal Scheme.  The Junior school children pay half-termly in advance for their meals via Parentpay. If your child is eligible for free school meals, please ask the office for advice.

    To avoid your children having the same meal served to them at school and then at home, we have created the link below to take you to the menu section of the online catering website.  Once you enter the website you can discover what your child will be having for lunch, plus lots more.  These menus may be subject to slight changes if for some reason a delivery is delayed or substituted.  As a small school with a small kitchen and limited storage space, we are only able to offer two choices from the menu each day.  

    If you have any queries regarding school meals, please pop in and have a chat.  Gilly and the ladies in the kitchen work hard to be creative and flexible with children's meals to ensure they have the most positive experience during their lunchtime with them.

    The link is as follows:

    My School Lunch Menu

    Many thanks

    Helen Southgate