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Meet the Team

Thorpe Church of England Primary School Staff 2018 - 2019

One Form Entry Primary School

All staff have regular Safeguarding Training, enhanced DBS checks and the majority have First Aid Training some with a paediatric qualification.  Our wonderful team includes: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Special Needs Assistants, Administration Personnel, Site Manager, Lunch Supervisors, Peripatetic Teachers, Sports Coaches and the lovely ladies who make all the food; our Catering Staff.

Headteacher Mrs Helen Southgate
Deputy Head Miss Laura White (Wed, Thurs & Fri)
SENCO Mrs Carly Orriss (Tues, Weds & Thurs)

Year R

Mrs Paula Fisher - Class Teacher SLT

Mrs Sandra Elmer – Teaching Assistant

Year  1

Mrs Sharon Osborne – Class Teacher (Mon, Tues & Wed)

Miss Laura White – Class Teacher (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Jill Chamberlain - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lisa Sevier - Teaching Assistant (Wed)

Year  2

Mrs Naomi Warren - Class Teacher (Mon, Tues & Wed am)

Ms Alyson Graham - Class Teacher (Wed pm, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Nicky Gardner - Teaching Assistant (Mon, Tues & Wed)

Mrs Lisa Mellor - Teaching Assistant (Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Christine Manning - Special Needs Assistant

Miss Michelle Tobias - Special Needs Assistant

Mrs Lisa Sevier - Teaching Assistant (Thurs and Fri)

Year  3

Mrs Anna Vassallo – Class Teacher  (Mon, Tues & Wed)  

Mrs Kimberley George – Class Teacher (Thurs & Fri)    

Mrs Gillian Heywood - Teaching Assistant (Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Katherine Wade - Teaching Assistant (Mon & Tues)

Miss Jennadel Pablo - Special Needs Assistant

Year  4

Mrs Susan Howie – Class Teacher

Mrs Clare Tiller – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Year  5

Mrs Stefanie Smith - Class Teacher (Mon & Tues)

Mrs Mandy Ambridge - Class Teacher (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Mrs Lisa McLaren -  Teaching Assistant

Year  6

Miss Sophie Nicholson – Class Teacher

Mrs Tracy Betteridge - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Natasha Dray – Special Needs Assistant

Mrs Yazmin Begum - Special Needs Assistant 

More Thorpe Team

Mrs Susan Holmes - School Business Manager

Mrs Vivien Neathey - PA to Headteacher

Mrs Helen Thompson - Office Administrator 

Mrs Melanie Wright - Office Administrator

Mr Richard Lubbock - Site Manager

Mrs Caroline Bradshaw - Nurture Teacher

Mr Steve Orriss - Sports specialist

Mr Fenton – Sports specialist

Mr Mazzone – Sports specialist

Mrs Mazzocco - Music specialist

Mrs Jill Chamberlain – TRACKS Literacy Support

Mrs Gillian Pearce - School Cook

Mrs Debbie Sands - Catering Assistant

Mrs Lisa Rookes - Catering Assistant