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    We are delighted to share a set of overviews detailing what your child will learn in PSHE and Citizenship in our school.

    We deliver statutory and non-statutory PSHE and Citizenship objectives through a spiral curriculum. Our curriculum is divided into three core areas:

    • Relationships
    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Living in the Wider World

    We teach PSHE and Citizenship for three terms in each year group.  The schemes of work offer vital life skills through engaging selection of lessons. The six units we teach are:

    • TEAM (together everyone achieves more)
    • Be Yourself
    • Growing Up
    • It’s My Body
    • Diverse Britain
    • Aiming High

    As with other areas of our curriculum, each unit provides an enquiry question; ‘big questions’ that children will be able to answer by the end of the session. The range of activities and the objectives can be found on our website and will be going out to parents at the beginning of each term.

    We strongly believe that when we work closely with parents and carers, children’s learning is enhanced. Your child will benefit from you engaging in discussions together around each PSHE  unit, furthering their understanding in their home setting.

    If you have any questions about our PSHE curriculum, please feel free to address these with your child’s class teacher or speak with a member of the senior leadership team.