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    School Council

    Our Aims

    Our school council will give all our pupils a voice and allow them to help make decisions in school. They will care for everyone in our school community and help make school life better for everyone.


    Any child may put themselves forward to be elected by their peers to stand as the class school council member.  They will say why they would like to stand for school council.

    Each class will then elect two school council members one boy and one girl. They will be school council members for one term then new members will be elected.

    There will be a link teacher who will organise the meetings. There will be a link governor who will attend one meeting per half term.

    Council Meetings

    The school council will meet each half-term.


    Every member of the school council should attend each meeting. Before each meeting they will meet with their class to discuss the views and needs of the class and represent their class views at the school council meeting. School council members may be given extra responsibilities around the school. They will be expected to lead by example at all times.