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Football League

Welcome to Thorpe School football league training information page! 

We like to welcome boys and girls from year 5 and 6 to join our brilliant team. 

Last year Thorpe School entered the ERPSSA football league for the first time ever! In the Autumn and Spring term we played fortnightly matches against other schools in the area. This year, we have new year 5 players entering the team and we hope we will be even more successful than last year!

In the Autumn Term, we meet every Monday after school to train as a team. We learn to use different shooting techniques, defences drills such as tackling one on one and much more. Equally as important is the values we learn; sportsmanship is very important when you are part of a team and meeting every week helps us work better as a group!

Footballer 1: "Being part of the team is great fun and I learn new things every week. We learn how to dribble and learn how to turn - I think we are much better than when we first started." 

Footballer 2: "I like the shooting drills and the defence tactics. We improve week on week and I really enjoy the matches at the end of the training session." 

We hope that you can attend training on Mondays and show your passion for football. Our match dates are below if you would like to bring your family and friends to support our enthusiastic team!

Match dates: