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    Sport at Thorpe

    Sport Opportunities 

    At Thorpe, we offer a variety of opportunities to take part in sports both within the PE curriculum and at after-school clubs.  The reasons why school sport is so important in primary school include

    1 Helps to maintain a healthy body and mind

    2 Helps develop coordination and gross motor skills 

    3 Our teams are inclusive and so everyone has the opportunity to participate

    4 Helps develop technical skills which can lead to pathways to sporting clubs and future opportunities

    5 Teamwork - Working as part of a team can help build stronger relationships

    6 Helps develop confidence, resilience and promote wellbeing 


    There are currently opportunities for our children to take part in inter-school sporting activities.  The regular opportunities are:

    ERPSSA Football League Yrs 5 & 6

    We welcome boys and girls from years 5 and 6 to join our brilliant team. 

    Thorpe School regularly play in the ERPSSA football league. In the Autumn and Spring term we played regular matches against other schools in the area. 

    In the Autumn Term, we meet every Thursday after school to train as a team. We learn to use different shooting techniques, defences drills such as tackling one on one and much more. Equally as important is the values we learn; sportsmanship is very important when you are part of a team and meeting every week helps us work better as a group!

    Footballer 1: "Being part of the team is great fun and I learn new things every week. We learn how to dribble and learn how to turn - I think we are much better than when we first started." 

    Footballer 2: "I like the shooting drills and the defence tactics. We improve week on week and I really enjoy the matches at the end of the training session." 

    After school training is currently held on a Thursday and please see the school weekly newsletter for the latest fixtures and results.

    Netball Team Years 5 & 6

    Our amazing Netball Team welcomes both boys and girls from years 5 and 6.  We currently hold free training sessions after school on a Monday and all children are welcome to join the training sessions to improve their ball skills and learn about the popular game.  Regular matches are played against local primary schools.  

    Athletics and District Sports

    During the summer term, we focus on the skills of athletics.  Children are taught both track and field skills and a team is taken to compete in the smaller schools District Sports competition in June.

    Please see the Club Page for details of after-school sporting clubs currently offered.