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    Term and Holiday Dates

    Below are the term and holiday dates for schools in the Surrey County Council area.

    Our general school calendar dates of events and activities are attached in a PDF below.  Please note this calendar is amended during the school year and current dates are notified each week via the school weekly newsletter emailed each Friday afternoon.

    The school will be closed for 5 training days per academic year (INSET Days).

    Academic year 2023/2024

    Start of term


    End of term

    15 April 2024*

    27 May to 31 May 2024

    23 July 2024

    * Our remaining 2023/24 INSET days will be:

      * Friday 28th June 2024 

    Academic year 2024/2025

    In addition to the term dates above, the 2024/25 Academic Year Inset Days are 

    Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September 2024 so the first day of the Autumn Term is Wednesday 4th September 2024

    Friday 25th October 2024    

    Monday 6th January 2025   so the first day of Spring Term is Tuesday 7th January 2025

    Friday 27th June 2025