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W/C Monday 8th June

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  1. 0. Home activity timetable 8th June.PDF File

  2. 1. Monday Science 8th June classification powerpoint.PPTX File

  3. 1. Monday Science 8th June Happy families.PDF File

  4. 1. Monday Science minibeast pictures to make a branching database.DOCX File

  5. 1.Monday Maths 8th June answers Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  6. 1.Monday Maths 8th June Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  7. 1.Monday Science minibeast classification cut and stick.PDF File

  8. 1a. Monday English PPT.PPTX File

  9. 1b. Monday English Planning Template.PDF File

  10. 2. Tuesday Maths 9th June answers Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  11. 2. Tuesday Maths 9th June Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  12. 2a. Tuesday English PPT.PPTX File

  13. 2b. Tuesday English Newspaper Template.PDF File

  14. 2c. Tuesday English Help Sheet.PDF File

  15. 3. Wednesday 10th June answers Fractions greater than 1.PDF File

  16. 3. Wednesday 10th June Fractions greater than 1.PDF File

  17. 3a. Wed English PPT.PPTX File

  18. 3b. Wed English Help Sheet.PDF File

  19. 4. Maths Thursday 11th June Fractions questions and answers.PDF File

  20. 4. Thursday Geography Human and Physical geography poweroint.PPT File

  21. 4. Thursday Geography South East England and Veneto Italy Physical features.PPTX File

  22. 4a. Thursday English PPT.PPTX File

  23. 4b. Thursday English Help Sheet.PDF File

  24. 4. Thursday Geography Veneto Physical features fact sheet.PDF File

  25. 5. English Friday Task.PDF File

  26. 5. Maths Family-Challenge answers -Friday-12th June.PDF File

  27. 5. Maths Family-Challenge-Friday-12th June.PDF File

  28. 5a. RE Fri PPT.PPTX File

  29. 5b. RE Fri RE Task.PDF File

  30. 5c. RE Fri Martin Luther King.PDF File

  31. 5d. RE Fri Malala Yousafzai.PDF File